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Glove Care

We recommend the use of Pro-Prep leather conditioner to break in and condition your new glove. We feel that it is the best glove conditioner on the market. During the break in period, treat your glove with a light application, working it into the leather and laces. This will reduce the stiffness of new leather and facilitate a faster and more comfortable breaking in period. Any time during the season when the leather in your glove becomes dry and hard due to repeated use, give it another application with Pro-Prep and it will extend the life of the glove. At season’s end, treat your glove with Pro-Prep once again to clean and rejuvenate the leather before storing it the off-season. Saddle soap, petroleum jelly and mink oil are other suitable glove conditioning products. Do NOT use “liquid oils” — they break down the leather and the glove will wear out much quicker. The oil also soaks through to the padding and makes the glove much heavier.